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Kamikaze Judo offers one of the most efficient fighting sequences.

We offer Kodokan Judo style training which is for developing an ability to get the feel of Judo, beautiful and explosive throws and quick transition of each fighting phases based on the situations to finish the opponents in the most efficient way regardless of size/gender difference.

About Sensei
Koji Fukumoto

  • Born and raised in Amagasaki city, Japan
  • Started training Judo in Japan at age 8
  • Kodokan Judo 1st degree black belt (1988)
  • Kodokan Judo 2nd degree black belt (1992)
  • Came to the USA as an Exchange student at SDSU in 1994 – 1995

Get Our Class Schedule

We are open Sunday at 2pm -3:30pm for Kids classes and 3:30 for adults. Kids are also welcome on Thursdays at 1:30pm. Come down at see us at:

5587 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117

Or, for more information call Koji at 619-890-2873

Meet the Founder

Dr. Jigoro Kano

Judo Master

Dr. Jigoro Kano spoke of Judo as "The highest application of mind and body" where one uses the "Maximum efficiency with minimum effort". The purpose being of "Mutual welfare and benefit". The final goal of Judo discipline is to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world.

kids judo classes san diego

› 当て身技

Body Striking

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koji fukumoto - san diego judo sensei

› 投げ技

Nage Waza
Throwing Techniques (67 Total)

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san diego judo lessons

› 関節、締め技

Kansetsu Waza & Shime Waza
Joint Locks and Choking Method

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kids judo lessons san diego

› 固め技

Katame Waza
Pin Downs

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youth judo classes in san diego

› 護身用柔道

Kōdōkan Goshinjutsu
Self defense style

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